a bit about me:

Try being lost.  In a foreign country.  In the pouring rain.  It's not a good feeling.  But sometimes, it might just be a good feeling. A very good feeling. YOLO? Carpe Diem?  See those pictures on your left?  I was lost in Rome, Italy.  In the pouring rain. Knowing not a lick of Italian to save my life. Yes, I was nervous. & Yes, I was getting anxious to find my friends.  But, once those feelings of anxiety went away, I grasped Italy and made it MY ADVENTURE.  What better thing to do in Rome - but to roam.  I discovered ancient ruins, views that you only see in the books, and something that I thought I would never discover being lost: myself. J.R.R Tolkien quotes, "Not all those who wander are lost." Living in a different country made me see a lot of unique situations.  I've channeled my international experiences so I can think outside of the box with work, school, and life situations.  I've done a lot of 'wandering' the past few years, and I've finally 'found' what I am passionate for: advertising.